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2019 Tree Order Form

Contact Information (1/3)

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Variable (defining field)
HOOD (tfa_2): Determines neighborhood eligibility for free yard trees. 1 = true; 0 = false.

StdPrice (tfa_1095): Standard tree price. Set by default value.

RFDiscount (tfa_1089): Amount discounted from tree prices. Conditional rules on this field determine when this discount applies. Set by default value.

YardFree (tfa_1069): Used to calculate TreePrice. 1 = yard tree; 0 = street tree.

TreeCount (tfa_1054): Default value equals 1 in a repeatable field. Used to calculate check out totals.

TreePrice (tfa_1068): Used to calculate check out total price. See calculation below.

Calculated Fields
Street trees: (tfa_1090): StdPrice - RFDiscount

Yard trees: (tfa_1092): (StdPrice - RFDiscount)*(1-HOOD)

TreePrice var (tfa_1068): (1-HOOD*YardFree)*(StdPrice-RFDiscount)

Total Trees: (tfa_152): Sum of TreeCount repeated

Total Cost: (tfa_153): Sum of TreePrice repeated

Tree Order (2/3)

Available Tree Types
(Street tree species will be selected from a County-approved list.)

Hidden field acting as a variable in TreePrice calculation. This value is subtracted from the normal price only if Neighborhood = Rodgers Forge or Gaywood.

Checkout (3/3)



Please make out checks to Blue Water Baltimore. Checks can be mailed to the following address.

Darin Crew
Blue Water Baltimore
2631 Sisson St
Baltimore, MD 21211

Thank you!
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